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Pest Control Professionals rely on the quality of Todol Foam Products to keep their customer's property rodent and bug free.


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Duo Fill 400
  • Stops flowing water
  • Fast curing = one minute cure
  • Dynamic expansion perfect for:
    • Gas and electric utilities
    • Water municipalities
    • Telephone and cable companies
IPF Foam
  • Perfect for sealing out:
    • Insects
    • Birds and bats
    • Rodents and small animals
Pur Shooter Plus Foam Gun

Purshooter with added benefits:

  • Less weight
  • More o-ring seals
Pageris Eco Foam Gun
  • Steel
  • Teflon-coated adapter
  • Professional
Accessory Kits
1 foam reducer (FR01)

5 plastic needles (N1401)

1 plastic adapters (PA01)

1 two-foot rigid tubing (FT01)

The AC01 Accessories are designed for the Pageris Line of guns (GU01, ECO, GU24). They will not fit the Purshooters.
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