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Pest control professionals rely on the quality of Xcluder and Todol Foam Products to keep their customer's property rodent and bug free. Xcluder fabric mesh and door sweeps combined with IPF pest block foam are great options for all your pest control needs.


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Duo Fill 400
  • Stops flowing water
  • Fast curing = one minute cure
  • Dynamic expansion perfect for:
    • Gas and electric utilities
    • Water municipalities
    • Telephone and cable companies
IPF Foam
  • Perfect for sealing out:
    • Insects
    • Birds and bats
    • Rodents and small animals
Pur Shooter Plus Foam Gun

Purshooter with added benefits:

  • Less weight
  • More o-ring seals
Pageris Eco Foam Gun
  • Steel
  • Warranty
  • Teflon-coated adapter
  • Professional
Accessory Kits
1 foam reducer (FR01)

5 plastic needles (N1401)

1 plastic adapters (PA01)

1 two-foot rigid tubing (FT01)

The AC01 Accessories are designed for the Pageris Line of guns (GU01, ECO, GU24). They will not fit the Purshooters.
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